LB FOSTER RAIL TECHNOLOGIES’ Commercial Agent and Authorized Technical Support

L.B. FOSTER manufactures and distributes a wide range of products and services for freight and passenger railways worldwide. The product line includes Rail Distribution (welded long bars, short rails and used rails), Allegheny Rail Products (insulated rail joints and other accessories), Products for Passenger Systems (direct fasteners, third rail for power systems, third rail cover system, insulators and rail insoles), Permanent Track Components (anchor systems and nails), CXT® Concrete Ties, Salient Systems (track performance evaluation device and wheel impact detector), Rail Technologies (friction management equipment including track gauge face and top face, lubricants and friction modifiers). The industrial facilities are located in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom with sales offices around the world. CH.Vidon is the exclusive sales and service agent for L.B. Foster Rail Technologies in Brazil.

Rail lubrication and friction management enable freight trains and passenger systems to increase the service life of rails and wheels, save fuel, reduce lateral forces, reduce noise, reduce the possibility of derailment and minimize ground vibrations. As part of our dynamic technology approach, we offer a wide range of patented solutions specifically tailored to our customers' needs for friction control in the wheel-rail interaction.

PROTECTOR® IVFriction Management System installed next to the track
This advanced state-of-the-art system offers the best in precision in the application of top of rail friction modifiers or gauge-face lubricants. Our patented design features include the ease of operating solid-state digital controls, magnetic wheel detector (non-contact) and a reliable single or dual gear pump system. All our systems can be equipped with Remote Performance Monitoring (RPM™) with uninterrupted status reporting

KELTRACK® Friction Modifier
KELTRACK® is a water-based suspension of active friction modifier materials that controls friction on the top of the rail. Its intermediary coefficient of friction allows the material to be used without impacting train braking or traction. It is optimized for maximum retention. Equally effective in reducing lateral forces in curves, as well as noise, KELTRACK® is a local solution method, perfect for application both in passenger and freight trains.

Kelsan™ LCF and HPF – Solid Stick Technology
The Kelsan LFC (Low Friction Coefficient) and Kelsan HPF (High Positive Friction) solid sticks are applied directly to the wheel treads and flanges of the rail vehicle. The transfer of material creates a very thin film (microns) between the wheel and the rail, which allows for superior friction control between these two surfaces. The on-board sticks are applied by means of a spring of constant force, using a support/applicator set, especially designed and manufactured for each customer.

AutoPilot™ – Top of rail application system mounted on the train
The AutoPilot™ friction control system is installed in a freight car or locomotive. This intelligent, GPS-controlled system determines the appropriate KELTRACK® application rate based upon pre-programmed parameters and is designed to spray KELTRACK® on top of the rail, spreading the benefits throughout the entire rail system.